Mission Statement

The overall mission of Columbia University’s Center for Neural Engineering and Computation (CNEC, pronounced “scenic”) is to 1) cross-link multiple laboratories in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) that are developing new types of engineering and computing tools for studying the nervous system, 2) provide an interface and representative organization for SEAS efforts in neuro-engineering/computing to the rest of Columbia University and other institutions, and 3) provide an organized structure for developing a comprehensive academic curriculum for computational neuroscience education at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

The Center’s research focus is on the development of engineering and computation-driven neurotechnologies and their role as enablers for studying neural systems, most notably the normal and diseased brain. The Center will facilitate efforts focusing on engineering and computation-driven neurotechnology development which impact the specific research endeavors of all members of the center as well as the grand challenge questions confronted by the entire neuroscience community.