Whole Brain Circuit Mapping in the Mouse

September 22, 2014
Speaker: Partha P. Mitra, Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Neuroanatomy, a century old subject, is currently undergoing a computational technology-driven make-over. The fall in data storage prices, as well as automated equipment for digital histology and imaging, has made it possible for entire mammalian brains to be digitized using light microscopy. The talk will describe an ongoing effort to systematically uncover the neural circuit architecture of the whole mouse brain by scaling up classical neuroanatomical methods. The resulting petabyte-sized data sets are larger than any previously encountered in neuroscience and pose new and interesting data-analysis challenges.

Speaker Bio

Partha P. MitraDr. Mitra's work has spanned the different scales of nervous system organization. The laboratory has previously focused on analyzing behavioral and electrophysiological measurements in a number of model organisms. Currently, the laboratory is focused on the Brain Architecture Project which aims at a whole-brain level of analysis of neural circuitry. The Mouse Brain Architecture Project is systematically mapping the whole brain meso-circuit of the mouse, and simultaneously addressing the computational and theoretical questions that arise. An ongoing theoretical program also addresses the fundamental engineering/design principles of the nervous system.


Host: Aurel A. Lazar

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